Environments (Mid-Level) Director - Eight Inc.

Environments (Mid-Level) Director

Nov 14, 2017

The Environments Mid-Level Director will be responsible to the company and direct the design of the studio Environments project work. A high-energy level, entrepreneurial spirit and proven success in creating quality work at the highest level. The Studio Director Environments must be able to interact with clients and conduct professional presentations and guide projects to successful completion.

The person must be able to direct other creative personnel within the studio, maintain professional relationships and shall be involved in reviews of studio personnel with the Principals. They must have polished and confident presentation and listening skills with the ability to interact with a variety of disciplines.

This role will be reporting to the London studio Principals.


  • A gifted, mature designer.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with keen attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of the Architecture and Interior Design design industry.
  • Self-starter with high degree of initiative requiring minimal supervision.
  • Ability to inspire team members and guide personal growth objectives.
  • A team player.
  • Ability to prioritise and multi-task, handling several clients at one time.
  • Possess proven, problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to analyse issues thoroughly and outline problems for review with Principals.
  • Ability to work well under pressure, often under critical deadlines.
  • Provide creative input and direction for projects and coordinate with Principals.
  • Review design work with Principals and other Studio Directors.
  • Review Client needs and provide ongoing support to ensure the development of solid, long-term client relationships.
  • Assume daily responsibilities of studio design and production teams.
  • Manage studio resources efficiently to ensure profitability of the projects and the office


  • Provide detailed review of project team members and evaluations.
  • Develop and monitor key metrics such as project profitability, resource plan, and project revenue analysis.
  • Provide resource estimates for proposals and evaluate feasibility of individual projects.
  • Provide input as to creative direction of the studio and integration with other Eight Inc. studios within the Office.
  • Provide Principals with a monthly activity calendar.
  • Conduct research as needed in order to meet business-planning goals and to be proactive in identifying potential partners.


  • Provide long-term vision for projects that will provide for higher quality projects, profitability, improved use of resources and adjustments to the core business model.
  • Assist in developing new business I fee proposals.
  • Develop and manage the Environments strategy, plan and budgets.
  • Manage the timing and planning, development and implementation of a wide range of projects.


  • Successfully acquire new clients and build new relationships
  • Add professional expertise in new design areas
  • Provide effective quality, and process management
  • Drive success and profitability
  • Review use of resources
  • Be an effective cost manager

To be considered, send your CV, portfolio links, references and any supporting materials (no more than 8mb) to us via email.