Mid-Senior Digital/Interactive Designer - Eight Inc.

Mid-Senior Digital/Interactive Designer

Oct 24, 2017

Eight Inc. San Francisco is looking for a highly ambitious mid to senior level Interaction Designer to work within our digital studio at the intersection of physical and digital. The Interaction Designer will be responsible for the User Experience and User Interface within the products and experiences the team at large engages in. In addition to a ownership of the interaction design craft, the role requires complete comfort within an extremely collaborative design process and a proven ability to work with design teams throughout all phases of a project execution.


  • Collaborate with a team of designers and/or client representatives in defining a project requirements and design objectives, and in assisting create the vision for the project execution.
  • As hands-on individual contributor, design, illustrate and present interaction models, information architectures, navigation models, UI mechanics, end-to-end user task flows, wireframes, animations and transitions, and others, targeting a variety of technology platforms and using a variety of approaches and artifacts, including sketches, diagrams, physical mock-ups, prototypes and others.
  • Contribute to the design and development of design language systems, including interaction, visuals and motion.
  • Contribute to the creation and maintenance of design documentation, including style guides, UI toolkits and other design documents.
  • Participate in brand brainstorming sessions and mocking up design ideas for client presentations.
  • Define and develop creative concepts according to brief requirements and the client’s objectives  Identify/create “extras” that bring a proposal or presentation to life that can help tell a story in a powerful way


  • Minimum 3-6 years experience within an in interdisciplinary studio environment
  • A proven problem-solver and believer in the value of an inter-disciplinary design approach
  • Must be assertive (have a strong opinion and ability to articulate point of view)
  • Mastery of interaction design techniques, methodologies and approaches, including persona and scenarios, experience maps, interaction models, UI mechanics information architectures, navigation models, task-flows, wireframes, and others, and with a variety of approaches to illustrate them, including but not limited to sketches, diagrams, physical mock-ups, and others.
  • Ownership of interaction design approaches and methods for services and products involving multiple platforms, such as for instance mobile and web.
  • In-depth understanding of visual design and motion design.
  • In-depth knowledge of the design impact of different product/service physical form factors, appearance and affordances, sensors and interaction modes (touch, voice, gestures, etc.), screens and display technologies (resolutions, pixel densities, aspect ratios. etc.), for popular personal devices and IoT platforms
    Understanding of software development, its process, and prevailing platforms including embedded
    Understanding of product positioning and technical requirements, and ability of translating this understanding in actionable design directions.
  • Understanding of qualitative and quantitative design and marketing research findings and techniques
    Ability to contribute to the creation of clear and detailed design documents intended for an audience of engineers and software developers with no design background.
  • Proficiency with Adobe CC, Sketch or equivalent, Apple Keynote
  • Familiarity with HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Knowledge of MS Office, QuickTime, Adobe Premiere and After Effect
  • Strong time management skills and ability to be self-directed when needed.

To be considered, send your CV, portfolio links, references and any supporting materials (no more than 8mb) to us via email.