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Breeze Frankfurter Hof

Lebua Hotels & Resorts wanted the essence of Breeze in Bangkok to be carried out and sustained in Frankfurt. Rather than focusing on particular formal architectural elements we concentrated on the three key ingredients that embody Breeze: inspirational food, exceptional service and bold design.

The new restaurant experience develops around the defining architectural moments, which mark a guest’s series of transformations as they discover a cavernous grotto, hidden below the busy streets of Frankfurt’s city center in the basement of the Steigenberger Hotel Frankfurter Hof. Without any direct visual link to the outside world, yet tied to the natural elements, the space takes inspiration from nature: running water, layers of glowing blue, turquoise and teal, golden reflections of brass and bronze, the haptic and sensual qualities of timber and stone which link to the sea, the setting sun as well as a dark, deep night sky. Each stepping stone, from street level to restaurant, is considered part of a carefully crafted customer journey. Creating a truly immersive and memorable space imbued with a sense of drama, anticipation and surprise. It’s the perfect ambience for the most exclusive dining experience that peaks curiosities, welcomes and invigorates guests as they prepare for a culinary exploration unlike any other.


Photography by James Medcraft