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Dalla Corte.
Putting Meaning into an Identity.


Dalla Corte is an Italian professional espresso machine manufacturer, whose founders have been responsible for many of the most crucial innovations in the sector for the last 70 years. Paolo Dalla Corte and his father Bruno set up their own company ten years ago, and have continued to push the boundaries of excellence in the sector while also redefining the standard for ethical production processes.

Prior to the launch of a new product, Dalla Corte wanted us to help determine how to best position it. The company was about to launch a completely new concept in espresso making designed for an audience that traditionally had not been catered for. This new machine had the potential to bring Dalla Corte out of the B2B world and significantly open up their audience.

Our challenge was to assess the current state of the brand, and how to best position it to maximize the potential of the new machine, and the organization itself.

Brand Identity, Communication and Trade Show Design

We began by conducting an extensive audit of the business, the brand and Dalla Corte’s competitors in the sector. This included interviews with stakeholders, partners and customers. We traveled to their factory in Milan, to trade shows across Europe, even to Sumatra to experience the source of the coffee itself!

It was there that we uncovered the fundamental truths of the company, and what made them so special — an unerring drive to create not just better coffee and better machines, but a better industry and even a better world. This gave us the impetus to completely re-brand the company from its very heart outwards, with a new driving sentiment at the core of everything they would do — Make it better.

This idea then drove the development of an entirely new brand identity, which is the first step in a brand partnership that is about to move into both digital and environmental experiences.