Beijing Sanlitun Experience Center

Eight Inc. worked with ARCFOX to create a retail experience born from the ARCFOX brand values to fulfill the needs of a new class of electric vehicle consumers.

Inspired by the ARCFOX slogan of’ Born Free’ is something that expresses optimism and the ability to realize your dreams. The concept of ARCFOX Experience Center is a balance of opposing ideas that blur traditional retail boundaries to create a multi-sensory experience. It is a space defined by dualities from its ability to attract and explore, areas that are open and those that are enclosed, and transitions between physical and virtual spaces.

Our design relationship with ARCFOX is essential because it represents the beginning of a new culture in mobility. ARCFOX does this without sacrificing the thrill and freedom associated with a vehicle. The automotive sector is certainly different from consumable electronics and is best understood through experience with movement and energy.

Our design is to create a dynamic space. A place to launch the relationship with the brand, and it’s fundamental to define the values that our customer believes are integral to Arcfox. It’s essential so that customers can understand what the company is all about.