Citi Private Bank

Since 2011 Eight Inc. has partnered with Citi Ventures & Citi Private Bank to create the technology and behaviors to enable a ‘Post Swiss’ model for the Private Bank.

A product of this engagement is InView™, a digitally-delivered, tablet-first (but device agnostic), collaborative, customizable engagement tool that provides a constant interface between client and banker. Amongst its key features are screen sharing between users, real time data analytics and reporting, secure messaging, a digital vault for file storage, a workspace for banker-to-banker, banker-to-client and client-to-client collaboration, with a robust search function, an optimized onboarding process, and offline storage capabilities.

InView™ serves as an example of the growing trend in future focused organizations to look not just at what they have that can be digitized, but to look at the opportunity that arise from the advances in technology, and our evolving attitudes to it. Moving the game on by looking fundamentally at emerging human needs and helping to create a new culture.