The dynamics between design and privacy talk - Eight Inc.

The dynamics between design and privacy talk

Apr 3, 2015

Hector Moll-Carillo, Eight Inc. San Francisco’s Director for User Experience, will participate in the interdisciplinary panel discussion Connecting the World, Collecting Data – The Dynamics Between Design and Privacy.
The event is organized by the Consulate General of Germany and will take place at San Francisco’s Goethe-Institute (530 Bush Street) on Friday, April 10th from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

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Beautiful objects made by Apple, Nest, Jawbone and others as well as attractive services offered by companies like Google, Facebook and UBER have become part of our daily lives. However, they raise concerns about the personal information that is collected and the potential cost of losing control over our data – something we trade for the value of living in a highly connected world where anything can be accessed from anywhere. Experts in the field of data protection, user experience and design will debate the global trend of data collection the need for protection of privacy and what role design plays in it.

Danny O’Brien (International Director, Electronic Frontier Foundation), Philipp Berner(Co-Founder and CTO, KeepSafe), Hector Moll-Carrillo (User Experience Director, Eight Inc.), Max Burton (Founder and Chief Designer, Matter). Moderator: Thomas Schulz (Silicon Valley Correspondent, Der Spiegel)