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Eight Inc. Partners with San Francisco Based City Innovate Foundation

Jun 17, 2016

The City Innovate Foundation is committed to solving urban problems using open innovation and private-public partnerships. This non-profit organization is actively working with the City of San Francisco, the San Francisco Mayor’s Office, corporate partners including Microsoft, Deloitte, Renault, and multiple university partners like Stanford University and UC Berkeley.

In May 2016, City Innovate and the City of San Francisco announced the first-of-its-kind innovation lab – Superpublic – bringing public, private and nonprofit sectors together to address the City’s challenges now and ahead.

Eight Inc. has partnered with City Innovate to create the new strategy, design and experience principles for the Superpublic concept. Eight Inc. will continue to develop the Superpublic design concept with City Innovate in order to adapt these core concepts to the real-world build-out of future Superpublic spaces. Already, other cities are stepping up and requesting City Innovate’s help to launch similar initiatives. Eight Inc. has agreed to be part of the team as we expand Superpublic nationally and globally.

Eight Inc.’s managing director, Heather King, has also contributed a chapter on real estate innovation to Maker City Playbook, a book about reinvention in American Cities. The book is authored by two principals of City Innovate, Peter Hirschberg and Marcia Kadanoff. The Maker City Playbook is a project funded by the Kauffman Foundation with support from the White House and Eight Inc. Read it today or sign up to get notified when the book is available as a PDF and through Amazon.