The Jeff Straesser Family Fund - Eight Inc.

The Jeff Straesser Family Fund

By Eight Inc. Feb 22, 2019

In Loving Memory of Jeff Straesser

It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the sudden passing of one of our own, Jeff Straesser.

In honor of Jeff, Eight Inc. has established the “Jeff Straesser Family Fund”, to support his family during this difficult time. We set the initial contribution goal at $88,000 but will adjust that goal as needed.

To make a donation, visit the GoFundMe Page here.

Jeff was one of the good guys. 

Jeff loved his family – Meghan, Violet, and Mae – more than anything in this world. He took great pride in exposing his daughters to art, science, literature, culture, music, and of course, legos — so many legos. From eating pink cake on his birthday (it was his favorite color, after all), wearing his homemade “#1 dad” tie proudly around the office on Father’s Day, to building a kick-ass lemonade stand for his girls, there was nothing more important to him than seeing them happy.

Jeff was a wonderful mentor. 

His favorite thing to say to his team was “there is a solution for everything.” He would often sit back and let junior staff problem solve on their own, only stepping in to help guide the process, ensuring that everyone was learning by doing, enabling pride, ownership and individual growth in the solution.

Jeff was a devoted teammate and creative.

Jeff would chime in during brainstorming sessions with “I think we are thinking about this the wrong way.” This critique, although frustrating at first, would be followed up with an idea that you never have thought of.  He approached every problem with a unique point of view acquired from his education at Tulane and Yale, work experience at various firms, and ultimately his tenure at Eight Inc.

Jeff was family.

Jeff often called Eight Inc. his second family.  He was the little brother, the big brother, the dad, or the weird uncle on any given day in our small New York studio. He taught us how to fish and about good scotch.  He always managed the mood of the day through his Spotify account – even creating a ‘dog’ playlist just for our office dog, Rolfe. Most importantly he took the time to really care about each and every one of us, and be our mentor, teammate, friend, and family.

Jeff was one of the good guys. Our lives are forever changed by our time with him, and we will continue to pay his wisdom, compassion, and dad-jokes forward…

In addition…

The family has also written the following, for those that wish to make additional donations to an organization close to Jeff’s heart:

Jeff loved creativity and the wonder of children.  He enjoyed going to the Port Washington Public Library and spending time with his girls in the Children’s Room and elsewhere making and creating art and science projects; using the 3D printer and picking out books.  He wanted all children to have the opportunities his girls had at the library. In his memory, our families are asking people to make donations in his name to the Port Washington Public Library Foundation where funds will go toward supporting educational programming for children.  You can go to their website or make checks payable to the Port Washington Public Library Foundation. Please indicate on your donation that the gifts are in memory of him.

Online Donations:

Or mail donations to:

The Port Washington Public Library Foundation

One Library Drive

Port Washington, NY  11050