Director, Environments

Jul 11, 2019

A “hands-on” creative in our organization, responsible to the company to guide and ensure the success of the studio project work and staff within their specific discipline.

As a talented practitioner , the Director helps create an environment within our studios where brilliant work can be brought to life, working closely with local senior Directors and Principals to ensure the highest creative output from their respective studio.

As a client facing team member , the Director for Environments must be able to interact with clients, responding to their needs, and conducting professional presentations and guide projects to successful completion.

As a team manager , this individual is able to direct other creative personnel within the studio, maintain professional relationships and shall be involved in reviews of studio personnel with the Principals. They will work closely with senior leadership within the studio, contributing to the development of a recruitment plan, identifying if and where there are skill gaps in their studio.

They will also follow policies and procedures already in place, to actively learn and develop our business methodology.

A Director is an avid thought leader in their space, generously sharing their ideas with everybody at 8, our clients, and the outside world, and growing their careers to be able to represent Eight Inc. in future panels, judging, award competitions and speaking events.

一A gifted, mature design practitioner with at least 8 years professional experience and an ability to work well under pressure, often under critical deadlines

一A self-starter with high degree of initiative requiring minimal supervision

一An Eight Inc. ambassador, both internal and external facing, embodying our values and leading by example

一A team player with excellent oral and written communication skills

一An invaluable and integral part of the overall success of their local studio, with an ability to interact with all levels of our organization Globally.

Client-facing design practitioner…

一Influence and educate all within the business of the role and value of their discipline relevant to the creation of ‘Experience’

一Influence and inform the creative direction of their discipline within each project, working with direction from Principals and other executive project leadership.

一Support Program team in the definition and management of project schedule, and the successful implementation of a wide range of projects within their discipline.

一Review Client needs and provide ongoing support to ensure the development of solid, long-term client relationships.

一Balance multiple client projects at any one given time without compromising on the quality of their work

一Generously share their extensive knowledge of construction systems and processes with both clients and the wider team

Business Development…

一Help to qualify, win and deliver projects to the highest level

一Proactively participate in Business Development discussions, review briefing materials and plans of potential new clients

一Assist in developing new business proposals, RFI’s, and evaluate feasibility of individual projects

Team Manager…

一Meet monthly with reporting team members, helping to identify their personal growth objectives and assess ways in which their annual education budget can be most effectively distributed and measured

一Provide full cooperation to Program and Operations teams to review use of resources and drive success, monitoring key metrics such as project profitability and project revenue forecasts and reconciliation, proactively correcting any issues that may be identified

To be considered, send your CV, portfolio links, references and any supporting materials (no more than 8mb) to us via email.