Creative Director - Eight Inc.

Creative Director

Aug 10, 2018

Our most senior ‘hands on’ creative in communications, a Director at Eight Inc. must be a brilliant, encouraging generalist with a seamless understanding of the power and possibilities of every aspect of our ‘product’. They must constantly strive to develop, shape and expand our offer by introducing new ideas and taking a pivotal role in the culture and growth of our organization.

A high-energy level, entrepreneurial spirit and proven success in creating quality work at the highest level, they own nearly sole responsibility for the creative success of multiple projects at once, as well as the personal success of those that work under their direction. They must have polished and confident presentation and listening skills with the ability to interact with a variety of disciplines from strategy, digital, communications, service design and production.

Directors are able to communicate and share our ideas with everybody at 8, our clients and the outside world.

This role will be reporting to the London studio Principals.


  • A gifted, mature designer with experience working across multiple communications disciplines (static/graphic, motion and interactive)
  • A good speaker, and a great listener.
  • Knowledge of the design industry, with particular specialist understanding of graphic and digital communications.
  • Cares deeply for the development of their team, inspiring team members and guiding personal growth objectives.
  •  A self-starter with high degree of initiative requiring minimal supervision.
  • A team player and craftsmen, holding high expectations and standards.
  • Ability to prioritise and multi-task, handling several clients at one time.
  • Possess proven, problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to analyse issues thoroughly and outline problems for review with Principals.
  • Ability to work well under pressure, often under critical deadlines.
  • Provide creative input and direction for projects and coordinate with Principals.
  • Review and appraise design work with Principals and other Directors.
  • Review Client needs and provide ongoing support to ensure the development of solid, long-term client relationships.


  • Provide detailed review of project team members and evaluations.
  • Develop and monitor key metrics such as project profitability, resource plan, and project revenue analysis.
  • Provide resource estimates for proposals and evaluate feasibility of individual projects.
  • Ability to delegate and provide solid, opinionated and constructive direction to other creatives.
  • Conduct research as needed in order to meet business-planning goals and to be proactive in identifying potential partners.


  • Responsible for alignment of strategy and execution.
  • Provide long-term vision for projects that will provide for higher quality projects, profitability, improved use of resources and adjustments to the core business model.
  • Assist in developing new business / fee proposals
  • Develop and support the management of the Communications strategy, plan and budgets.
  • Manage the timing and planning, development and implementation of a wide range of projects.


  • Successfully acquire new clients and build new relationships
  • Add professional expertise in new design areas
  • Provide effective quality, and process management
  • Drive success and profitability
  • Review use of resources
  • Be an effective cost manager

To be considered, send your CV, portfolio links, references and any supporting materials (no more than 8mb) to us via email.