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Cancer Research UK.
Imagine a world without cancer.


Imagine a world without cancer. Where it’s gone for good, in all forms, from all people.

We took part in a collaborative experiment for Cancer Research’s ‘Women of Influence’ program, aiming to raise £1m to find and support the 50 smartest young women in post-graduate science today in their work to help prevent cancer.


Tomorrowww is a browser extension that wipes out the word ‘cancer’ from your online life, giving us a sense of what a cancer-free world might feel like. All donations go towards CRUK’s WOI campaign, that will help to make this world a reality.

Users can download the extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari and, once installed, can choose to browse the web according to ‘Today’ or ‘Tomorrowww’ (where all instances of the word ‘cancer’ are removed from the web page).

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