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Delivering success with a new branded experience.

The third largest bank by market capitalization  in Australia, The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited or commonly called ANZ approached us to help create a user-centric best-in-class regional digital approach for the ANZ experience across all current and future touch points. ANZ operates in more than 34 markets across Australia, New Zealand, Asia-Pacific, Europe, America and the Middle East including their technology and operations center in Bengaluru, India.

ANZ Mobile App

A new approach for ANZ was taken to build on the success of this business to create a new “Super Regional” financial institution, addressing new challenges with old systems will not be acceptable any longer.

The initial project provides the Style Guides and guidelines to establish system standards necessary to bring the various digital ANZ expressions into a more strategic, flexible and successful branded user experience. By creating a strategic and powerful framework, defining the User Experience across all of the various opportunities available, and help guide the organizational elements to deliver a customer-centric model.