Apple - Eight Inc.

Obvious in retrospect.

“I give them two years before they’re turning out the lights on a very painful and expensive mistake.”
Bloomberg (2001)

It’s easy to forget the wonder and disbelief you felt when you first walked into one; easy to forget what a revolution it was. Because in its wake everything changed. Long-held beliefs shattered overnight, existing category norms abandoned without a fight. When Steve Jobs asked us to imagine a new type of destination for customers, we created a concept that would change the retail landscape forever. We created the Apple Store.

The Apple Store

“A Mercedes per square foot. Probably the highest grossing retail store in history.”
Bloomberg (2010)

There were only four products in the Apple line-up when they asked us to create a stand-alone retail store. We wanted to engage users, convey a clear message about the brand, and create a venue with superior visual articulation – so we built an environment designed entirely round the consumer, where service, learning and products were combined. 300 locations later, our architecture and design has contributed to an unparalleled brand following and an increase in market share that has secured Apple’s position as the leading technology lifestyle brand.

Apple Events

We have designed Apple’s branded exhibitions for over a decade, using vivid graphic elements, intuitive space delineation and interactive product displays to encapsulate the essence of the brand.

The Apple MacWorld exhibitions took place in Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Paris and were supported by 25+ venues globally. We’ve been involved in every global product launch to-date.

Apple Retail Channels

We began working on the Apple retail program in 1999, developing a shop-in-shop design that could inject various retail channels with the signature branded Apple experience.

Today, all of Apple’s branded consumer experiences—retail stores, shop-in-shop, Apple Premium Reseller (APR), trade shows and point of purchase displays – are designed by Eight Inc. These environments are extensions of the Apple brand experience and design philosophy, constructed with straightforward materials and a spatial organization that reflects the consumer lifestyle.