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Bently Holdings.
An experience rooted in place, process and passion.

Co-Founders Christopher and Camile Bently’s vision was a state-of-the-art, sustainable distillery firmly anchored in their Nevada hometown community. They wanted visitors to be immersed in the distillation process, while learning the story that ties his family to the agricultural buildings and the Carson Valley.

Our adaptation of an agricultural site offers visitors a world-class experience rooted in place, process, and passion. It’s breathed new life into two dramatic, historic buildings—and a whole town.

Bently Heritage Distillery

We divided the spirit production between the two restored buildings, organizing the Creamery layout to reflect how ingredients move through the production line, from farm to bar.

The Mill meanwhile acts as the heart of the visitor experience. After orienting themselves with the space and story, guests can enjoy a tasting with a view over the town and the whiskey production below.

Our respectful design preserves many elements of the original structures—including the historic facades—having prioritized existing materials, sustainability and heritage at every turn. It even rejuvenates the town of Minden, turning the surrounding area into a native habitat and public park, and upgrading local paths and highway crossings.

The result is a unique destination for visitors and a prized asset for the community.


Photography by Bently Distillery