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Cancer Research UK.
Cancelling Cancer.

“The fight against cancer is too important to ignore half the gene pool – but that’s just what’s happening.”

According to Cancer Research UK, the number of women working to find a cure for cancer drastically falls the further up the ladder you look, with 55% of their researchers being female at a post-grad level, yet dropping off to only a third at most senior positions.

CRUK’s Women of Influence’ initiative hopes to address this issue by connecting female research fellows to influential businesswomen mentors, with a target of raising £1m in funds over two years to support female-led research.

Unlike most campaigns, this is not about throwing money at the traditional ‘war on cancer’. It’s more of a reconciliation process with our bodies and lives. This means asking intuitive questions such as…what part does the brain play in how we process cancer? What would happen if we knew the exact cause of the disease? How does stress affect the onset of cancer? By asking the right questions, we can start to find the right answers and fully understand the human condition.

Eight Inc. was invited by the WOI board to help use raise awareness of their campaign with a series of projects, the first being Tomorrowww.


Tomorrowww is a browser extension that wipes out the word ‘cancer’ from your online life, giving us a sense of what a cancer-free world might feel like. All donations go towards CRUK’s WOI campaign, that will help to make this world a reality.

Users can download the extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari and, once installed, can choose to browse the web according to ‘Today’ or ‘Tomorrowww’ (where all instances of the word ‘cancer’ are removed from the web page).

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