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“A truly ‘WOW’ experience for Citi Private Bank clients.”
Dena Brumpton, Chief Operating Officer, Citigroup

In order to create truly meaningful human experiences, our first step is always to work with our clients to understand the underlying human needs of their audience. When we began working with Citi Private Bank in 2011, trust in financial institutions was at an all time low. We also had to consider a huge shift in the way people were engaging with their money, and each other, in terms of mobile, self-service, affinity groups and social media. This presented both a significant challenge and an opportunity. How could Citi build a more transparent, adaptive and collaborative model?

Our outside in, inside out approach culminated in the creation of a radically new Private Banking experience — new service roles, adaptive collaboration spaces, innovative products and intuitive tools, all driven by new systems and streamlined processes.

Our program of change has earned Citi a number of accolades, including Private Bank and Wealth Innovator of the Year (Spears 2014), a Commendation for Innovation (Financial Times Global Banking Awards 2014 2014) and Most Innovative Digital Offering (Global Wealth Awards 2014) amongst others. But of all the compelling evidence supporting our experience strategy, the most unusual may be that it survived significant internal change, including two different Group CEOs and three different Private Bank CEOs. Our ‘true north’, built collaboratively, using client realities at its genesis, has provided a compelling, enduring platform for change.

The Private Bank Experience Strategy

We began a bold, inside-out strategy to drive organisational change with a relentless focus on the needs of the client — a business transformation programme with design at its core, one that involved working quickly with rapid prototyping and constant leadership engagement throughout the process.

Symposiums exposed Citi to progressive thinking both within finance and beyond, and a series of workshops and co-creation exercises helped build internal alignment around the growth opportunities for Private Banking.

“We had an agreement from the start of the project that if 8 weren’t making me feel uncomfortable then they weren’t doing their job. They definitely did their job! They pushed us to where we needed to be, and together we have converted strategy and ideas into radical growth and change, not just for our clients but for the business as a whole.”
Tim Tate, Head of Customer Experience, Citi Private Bank

Collaboration Spaces — London and New York

The first brief to fall out of the Private Banking Experience Strategy was the creation of Collaboration Spaces.

From engaging with Bankers we discovered that, in the absence of a sophisticated meeting space to match their UHNW clients’ expectations, hotel suites were being booked for client meetings which offered little privacy, compromised security, and a lack of Citi personality.

So we built intelligent, adaptive spaces in key markets — environments that promoted membership, not purely B2C engagement, but ones clients could use as a meeting space as well as their Bankers.

Light and glass walls combine to focus visitors towards a video wall installation. Movable and switchable dividers allow inhabitants to define their own environments, from an intimate meeting to an event space for over fifty people. A variety of furniture layouts can change a private suite from formal to informal with ease. And a wide range of interiors allow Citi Private Bank to match each suite to the personal needs of their clients, with cutting edge technology throughout allowing them to work on their terms.

Citi Private Bank InView™ 

InView™ is the natural digital manifestation of our collaboration. A unique, digitally delivered, tablet-first (but device agnostic) customisable engagement tool that provides a constant interface between client and banker.

Acting as a window into their relationship, key features include screen sharing between users, real time data analytics and reporting, secure messaging, digital file storage, and a workspace for banker-to-baker, banker-to-client and client-to-client collaboration.

Eight Inc. was integral to the project, beginning to end, from designing the product and content strategy through to interface and information architecture, UX and UI design and overseeing the internal product development, alongside independently prototyping and developing stand-alone interfaces.

InView™ serves as an example of the growing trend in future focused organisations to look not just at what they have that can be digitised, but to look at the opportunities that arise from the advances in technology, and our evolving attitudes to it. Moving the game on by looking fundamentally at emerging human needs and helping to create a new culture.

Citi Private Bank Outlook

To support the Private Bank content engagement strategy, Eight Inc. designed and developed ‘Outlook’, a digitally delivered bi-annual thought leadership publication.

Distributed to 20,000 clients worldwide it included interactive charts, video and animation, designed to educate and inspire the audience. Functionality was also provided for Citi to adjust and update content easily and quickly, allowing live updates and ongoing dialogue between author and reader.

The work undertaken will hopefully continue to provide value for Citi Private Bank’s clients for years to come, delivering a best-in-class experience across web and mobile devices. But beyond the deliverables, the project also demonstrated the power of partnership between agency and client, and how trust, empowerment and vision can result in ground-breaking and powerful work inside a business and out.