Citibank - Eight Inc.

Time for Smart Banking.

The introduction of Smart Banking in Japan was a watershed moment. With the industry ripe for change, our work with Citi took the banking experience to a place that was unrecognizable—for all the right reasons.

By redesigning its branches as a balanced ecosystem, we integrated architecture, digital interfaces, content and personal service. With the customer at the very center.

Before Smart Banking, Citi ranked 57th in the Nikkei index for customer satisfaction. The next year it was number 1.

Re-Thinking The Banking Ecosystem

Waiting times in Japanese branches were long. Everything was product-centered—based on outdated assumptions about people.

But data and new technology brought the possibility of a system that could listen and respond to each customer’s needs.

We designed a branch architecture that optimized the flow of people in peak and low-traffic hours. Staff behavior models prioritized co-operation and transparency, placing them side-by-side with customers, their screens on full display. Training was now delivered in a model branch, simulating the real-life service environment.

Digital interfaces were designed around customers’ needs, from the ground up, while localized content streams brought up-to-the-hour information from the world outside.

We expected Japan’s young and tech-savvy to embrace Smart Banking. But it was the enthusiastic endorsement of Citi’s older customers that proves innovative services can also be accessible.

Channel Strategy

Creating a fundamental shift in Citibank’s customer experience required a design approach that integrated all aspects of the business.

A channel strategy made relevant to customers’ needs and lives. A new ecosystem, ranging from mobile to multistory, with facilities when and where the customer need them. Architecture that created a revolutionary new design posture and experience. Faster, more personal interactions. A core set of values that required rethinking the products and services, environments, behaviors, technology and communications. Every aspect of the brand and every touch point was included in a strategic solution designed to increase customer satisfaction and take Citibank into the future.

Citibank User Interface

Building a new customer experience required Citibank to modularize their technology platform, build new touch points specific to the customer’s mode of living, create a palette of applications, and provide the customer with the tools they need.

The Citibank User Interface is an integral part of the Smart Banking approach, conceived to make
banking more relevant by bringing simplicity, ease-of-use and personalization. The digital user interface informs customers about product and service options, facilitates sales and automates standard banking transactions.