Citibank - Eight Inc.

Changing expectations.


Prior to Smart Banking in Japan, Citi was 57th in customer satisfaction in Japan according to the annual Nikkei survey. The next year, they were number 1.

The world of banking was stuck in the past, its assumptions of what people want and need completely outdated. As a result, customers felt detached from their banks and from their money. We set out to change that with Citibank. To focus on customer needs and redefine the banking experience. To use technology, architecture and design and new retail channels to connect customers to their money and provide them with a better way of banking.

Smart Banking

Our goal was to transform retail banking, to move away from product-centric and towards customer-centric. To provide people with clear information, direct connections and simple tools.

At over 100 Smart Banking branches around the world, Citibank customers can explore their needs through interactive experiences. They’re greeted by a touch-screen Planning Table where they can find information about branch services. The Work Bench, Service Browser and 360 Station provide transaction services, and video conferencing with specialists is available. Brochures and giveaways have been eliminated, with all information transmitted digitally to the customer. It’s the next generation of banks and banking, and it’s changed people’s relationship with their money.

A New Ecosystem

Creating a fundamental shift in Citibank’s customer experience required a design approach that integrated all aspects of the business.

A channel strategy made relevant to customers’ needs and lives. A new ecosystem, ranging from mobile to multistory, with facilities when and where the customer need them. Architecture that created a revolutionary new design posture and experience. Faster, more personal interactions. A core set of values that required rethinking the products and services, environments, behaviors, technology and communications. Every aspect of the brand and every touch point was included in a strategic solution designed to increase customer satisfaction and take Citibank into the future.

Citibank User Interface

Building a new customer experience required Citibank to modularize their technology platform, build new touch points specific to the customer’s mode of living, create a palette of applications, and provide the customer with the tools they need.

The Citibank User Interface is an integral part of the Smart Banking approach, conceived to make
banking more relevant by bringing simplicity, ease-of-use and personalization. The digital user interface informs customers about product and service options, facilitates sales and automates standard banking transactions.