- Eight Inc.
Schoolhouse Meets Start-Up.

“Eight Inc. took on as a passion project, and they’ve had a transformative impact on our organization.”
Charles Best, Chief Executive Officer

While most organizations fly their flag from one camp, is both agile tech start-up and education non-profit. From 2013, we partnered pro-bono to create a series of office spaces for this rapidly growing organization.

It takes something special for the office to be first choice ahead of remote working. But in combining relaxed, flexible spaces with a thread of schoolhouse inspiration we achieved this. The resulting increase in staff retention has set up to support more children than ever.

Creating Collaborative Spaces for a Vital Organization

The initial New York HQ ‘Playground’ prioritizes energetic collaboration, with a schoolhouse-meets-start-up philosophy. Moveable furniture and multi-purpose walls support a range of uses, from all-hands meetings to intimate conversations. Both functional and atmospheric, the space inspires people to get the job done, while always remembering why they’re doing it.

When hit its 7-year target in just 2.5 years, we helped expand with the ‘Library’—a counter-balance to the Playground. This space offers quiet focus, with soft furnishings and a sound-proof, tech-enabled meeting room. We also designed a new space in San Francisco. Here, exposed walls reveal the building’s fabric, around a multi-function centerpiece “fort” of modular boxes.

Supported by some of our favorite collaborators, this developing relationship continues to keep pace with the vital work of


San Francisco Photography by Aubrie Pick

New York Photography by SGM Photography