Gap - Eight Inc.

Changing tradition.

Since its foundation in 1969, the Gap has grown into one of the world’s leading apparel retailers, with over 3,100 stores worldwide.

But to stay relevant, they need to keep constantly reinvigorating their brand – and so we worked with them to develop a new large format retail concept for their Tokyo Flagship that would be rolled out in key cities around the world. The aim was to create a striking object that amplified the Gap’s presence on a grand scale and attracted shoppers from blocks away – and we did it by transforming their famous “blue box” logo into a stunning architectural beacon.

Flagship Stores

The Gap Flagship store in the busy shopping district of Ginza is their largest representation in Asia.

We wanted to create a strong brand statement in this competitive market – and so turned their signature Blue Square into a monumental icon with a four-story corner façade, clad in a lustrous blue-tinted double-glazed panel system. Natural light permeates the ground floor retail space, with the etched glass walls subtly reflecting the light and activity of the busy streets outside, and the honed limestone floor softening and warming the material palette. The interior escalators, navigating the upper floors, themselves become a signature element, emitting a deep blue glow that subtly attracts and guides shoppers throughout the space, while making a powerful statement about a newly energized brand.