Globe Telecom - Eight Inc.

Globe Telecom.
Transforming the Telecommunications Industry.

Globe Telecom, the major provider of telecommunications services in the Philippines. Globe operates one of the largest mobile, fixed line, and broadband networks in the country, providing communications services to individual customers, small and medium-sized businesses, corporate and enterprise clients.

With a history of ‘firsts’ in the Philippine telecom industry on their record, from transforming from an after-sales and transactional servicing model to a new retail model. They continue to transform to meet the changing needs of the industry and their customers. The new Gen3 Retail Experience is designed to engage customers and encourage them to explore the use of gadgets and technology, beyond the traditional way. Globe is not focused on selling merely a phone or a plan, but selling an experience.

Globe Retail Program

Re-envisioning the Globe brand and experience from the inside out, Eight Inc. took on a robust task for the new Globe Retail Program. Starting from a vastly improved customer experience paradigm, which eliminated waiting in long lines creating a lacklustre service, Eight Inc. used technology to enable Globe to do away with lines and provide for an entertaining experience while waiting for customer service representatives to approach consumers. A completely re-configurable retail space also responds to a rapidly evolving retail landscape, and provides for an ever-changing platform for display in the face of stiff competition. The result has been a nearly 140% increase in sales for the Flagship and Regional channels and a completely new stream of revenue through specialty products in the categories of Music, Entertainment, Lifestyle and Productivity.

Globe Live

Built upon the success of the Globe Third-Generation Retail program designed by Eight Inc, Globe wanted to create a flagship for their refreshed brand in the capital. The resulting ‘Globe Live’ is situated on the Bonifacio High Street greenbelt which runs through the Bonifacio Global City neighborhood, offering open space and public plazas within the concrete jungle of Manila. Live is strategically integrated with existing site conditions, to create a public space that caters to Globe’s retail business and act as an integrated community amenity.

The design of the structure in many ways embodies the recent history of the company itself. The transformable structure leverages the greenbelt and outdoor amphitheater to develop a comprehensive retail and event space.

The building is defined by a 36m glass bridge which transforms into a floating stage. This floating platform provides Globe the opportunity to directly interact with the public through live music, performance, screenings, and events.

This reflects the shift of the company’s focus from selling mere bandwidth to emerging as a premier content provider throughout the Philippines