Goodyear - Eight Inc.

Making The Driving Experience Better.

“The increased transparency allows customers to see our expert service team using the latest technologies and procedures when servicing their vehicles. This interaction will help customers make more informed choices.” – Fred Thomas, vice president, Goodyear Retail

Goodyear set out to rethink their retail store design to provide a better experience for customers and employees alike. We were selected to help define that experience, beginning with their new Summit Mall store in Akron, Ohio.

The Summit Mall location is the first, informal prototype for their new retail experience. Our goal was to position the Summit Mall location as the premier tire and automotive service shopping destination in the Akron service area, driven by a customer-first mindset. Within this clear and consistently branded environment. Goodyear will observe, test and develop tactics and strategies for future store designs.

Summit Mall

“At Goodyear, we’re always looking for ways to help make your driving experience better.”

Working within an already existing architectural program and design, we focused on improving and augmenting the communications, messaging and signage system of the retail space and create a better customer experience. Digital signage, interactions or process re-engineering were not part of our scope in this first engagement with Goodyear at Summit Mall. A holistic approach following our integrated practice was defined for those subsequent deployments, however. For that reason, we created an initial Service Design Framework that covered the Summit Mall experience design and will be deployed in subsequent pilot store openings to include new behaviors and digital processes integrated with environments and architectural design.

The goal of the overall messaging was to empower the customer. We did that by educating the customer to be them more in control, elevating Goodyear’s relationship with their customers, using friendly, customer-oriented language and celebrating the joys of driving a well-tuned, well-maintained car with excellent tires.

The Summit Mall Program’s main goals were to encourage helpful conversations, easily converted into simple and transparent transactions, leading to satisfied Goodyear customers’ enjoyment of their automobiles’ safety, performance and longevity. Through their new retail experience their customers’ are now able to make more knowledgeable decisions while consulting with experts and having better visibility to the work done on their vehicle.