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GREE Wright Flyer.
Acting: More than a performance.

“The effect created is more than I expected. The studio’s philosophy of cutting-edge technology, new culture, and to become the community of people who support it has been realized at a very high level.” – Eiji Araki, CEO, Wright Flyer Live Entertainment

For Japan’s growing community of interactive gamers, it’s about connecting. Often with their favorite characters, brought to life behind the scenes by hardworking motion-capture actors.

Working with creator Wright Flyer Live Entertainment (WFLE)—a division of GREE—we designed a studio where actors could not only perform but also rehearse, relax and interact on social media between sessions. With human-centric digital integration, and technical expertise on hand, the studio has quickly emerged as Japan’s premier experience space for the social gaming industry.

Setting Japan’s actors up to deliver.

Gaming is a transition, from physical world to alternative reality. We reflected this through the first encounter—a mirrored facade. Inside, the impression continues, through an OLED–powered avatar that greets actors and mirrors their movements.

But gaming is hard work, too. Actors spend long hours loaded with equipment, so they need to relax between sessions. A zen-inspired main lounge—with luminous textile screens—allows them to do so, while still connecting with fans online.

A set of ‘green rooms’ with flexible furniture configurations meanwhile offers a more private setting. For groups and individuals. At work, or at rest.

By attracting some of the leading performers and producers in Japan, WFLE’s unique studio is rapidly making it a symbol of the entertainment industry community.


Photography: GREE, Wright Flyer