Keep - Eight Inc.

Fitness goes full circle .

When fitness is your way of life, it’s about more than breaking sweat. It’s about expertize, encouragement, emotion.

Digital fitness app Keep wanted a physical focus for its users’ passion. We created Keepland—a flagship space and customer experience that neither acts, looks, nor feels like a gym.

Located in newly-developed Beijing Fun, it’s an otherworldly destination where users exercise, rest and interact in new ways—and build valuable communities face-to-face.

Shaping a seamless world of fitness

Keep has progressed quickly from content provider to cultural phenomenon. But as its 185 Million users mature, they want a fitness regime that offers personal engagement and expert guidance.

To step inside Keepland, is to enter an exciting, active world. Across two materially and visually distinct zones—Community and Workout—the physical and digital combine to offer users seamless new ways to come together and connect. Inside the atmospheric, LED-lit Workout zone, multiple screens allow users to follow the coach’s moves. Post-workout, results are relayed into the Community Zone, enabling friends to discuss performance as they relax.

Architecture, materials and wall graphics reflect and amplify the brand. Walls, fixtures and furniture are modular and flexible. It all positions Keep perfectly to anticipate the next phase of its success—and expand rapidly across China.


Photography by Keep