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Lehman Brothers.
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We started by looking at the trees, the terrain and the materials, by taking in the climate and the stunning views across the Bay.

We also knew we had to mitigate the unfortunate presence of the freeway within a stone’s throw. Only then could we create a design that felt like a natural part of the environment, that felt like it had grown from the site.

The house is a chameleon, the plant species chosen for the roof are native grasses that change with the season, the stone of the walls is derived from the site. The end result is a building that effortlessly blends with the site in a subtle play of color and texture as it changes with the seasons.

Edgewood House

While our design was intended to be timeless, it also responds to the site conditions with an effortless sustainability.

High thermal mass walls and a green roof not only help reduce heating and cooling loads on the project, but they help control storm-water runoff in this sensitive area and mitigate the persistent noise from the freeway. Large expanses of glass eliminate the need for supplemental lighting during the day, but also perfectly frame the views of San Francisco across the Bay.