Melissa - Eight Inc.

Shoe money, shoe problems.

Melissa Shoes approached Eight Inc. to collaborate with their Architects, Pascali Semerdjian Arquitetos, on the first-ever North American Melissa flagship store located in New York City.

Melissa and their Brazilian architects envisioned a store that not only displayed shoes but treated each shoe as a piece of art. In addition to displaying the products, the space would double as an actual art gallery where featured designers like Jason Wu and Vivienne Westwood would be asked to apply their aesthetic to the surrounding walls. This idea would lead to a constantly evolving storefront and interior space.

Melissa New York

Eight Inc served as the New York City collaborators on this project and worked with the Brazilian architecture team to bring the concept to life. The 3250sf space is virtually without any defining colors or features. Fixtures and walls are white and the lighting is arranged to put draw your attention to either the shoes being displayed or the art on the wall. As was intended, the space is constantly being reborn with each display.