Nike - Eight Inc.

Changing relationships.

Creating an emotional tie to the brand through the physical space.

Nike stores were traditionally about great product merchandised within branded spaces. But they wanted to create more meaningful, relevant and lasting relationships with their customers, to design stores where the product was aligned and supported by branded services that would energize and engage. So we worked with them to create physical environments that showcased products, technologies, history, heritage, athletes and stories, and produced a holistic Nike brand experience for consumers.

We have helped to bring the Nike customer service model to life, creating physical environments showcasing Nike products, technologies, history, heritage, athletes and stories. The result was a holistic Nike brand experience and the beginning of a meaningful, relevant and lasting customer relationship.

Zoom LeBron IV Launch

For the launch of the limited edition Zoom LeBron IV NYC shoe, a 5,500 square foot pop-up retail store was opened in Manhattan.

The installation created a biopic journey of LeBron James’ life, with a narrative experience based on a careful layering of themes relating to different periods of his life. The entrance transitioned the visitor from the outside world to Lebron’s athletic world. Sounds from this world—shoes on a gym floor and the dribble of the basketball – were played, and clear acrylic tubes suspended from the ceiling held personal objects such as his favourite cereal and a model of the housing development where he grew up. This display, coupled with wall and other tubular graphics, produced an energized urban retail experience.

Jordan Brand Melo M8 Launch

To launch Carmelo Anthony’s new M8 Jordan Brand sneaker (Melo M8), we created a dramatic installation in the “Flight Lab 159” on Bleeker St., New York.

The exterior of the installation celebrated the explosiveness of Carmelo’s game with a pop-up that burst out of the space like a tempest of shattered basketball floorboards. Melo M8, engineered to support the basketball star’s unique athletic instincts, were hung from planks, along with quotes. In the eye of the storm, concave walls displayed digital footage of Carmelo speaking about what drives and inspires him.

Nike Retail

We believe that markets and opportunities are shaped by demographic, lifestyle, economic and social conditions.

So we helped Nike with a critical strategic move, creating a program that adapts to varying consumer markets and real estate typologies – urban, suburban, neighborhood, mall and street.

The Niketown model was transformed to a more specific and relevant distribution strategy for the global program. A new shift in the retail presentation to deliver a customer scaled product offering specific to the local needs and interests. This new format has become the global standard for Nike retail and a distinctive new design for each retail channel.


Melo M8 Photography by SGM Photography