Nissan - Eight Inc.

Innovation that excites.

The design symbolically expresses customers’ emotions and experiences as well as their journey from the past, present, and to the future. The Spiral design can change color in accordance with the season, time, and the particular event to create a dynamic space.

Nissan crossing acts as a new information centre that functions as a base for communicating Nissan Intelligent Mobility and showcasing exciting future driving experiences to customers.

Nissan Crossing

The Nissan Crossing Experience Center in Ginza is a space to inspire customers and increase brand presence at arguably the most important intersection in Tokyo. It’s a space to engage earlier in the purchase process and bring visitors the excitement and emotional thrill of driving.

The space embodies Nissan’s aspirations to be one step ahead by showcasing a seamless and almost frictionless environment of driving in the future.  We helped Nissan develop their image and branding through the design of the Experience Center which they have expressed enthusiasm for using in their next generation motor show exhibitions.