Nokia - Eight Inc.

Changing engagement.

How do you incorporate the highest level of digital technology into a physical space?

How do you allow users to engage with and learn through the brand in a retail environment? We set out to explore these questions and more with Nokia, in projects designed to raise awareness of the brand and create a buzz that was passed from customer to potential customer.

Flagship Stores

The flagship stores we created for Nokia were the first global retail program to feature handset technology as a branded lifestyle.

Leveraging advances in technology, they showcased 
the full portfolio of Nokia products through an interactive hands-on experience. The handsets were live and used to navigate through informational graphics displayed on the digital screens that run the perimeter of the store. The award-winning flagship design helped reinvent personal handset retail, and was rolled out around the globe – in China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Finland, the United Kingdom and the United States.

T5 Heathrow

In London Heathrow Terminal 5, along with designing the terminal retail stores, the five ventilation towers were transformed into a synchronized billboard for Nokia messaging.

The content is formatted so that the screens are treated as one, maximizing the impact of the messaging.