OUE - Eight Inc.

Looking Well, Keeping Well and Eating Well.

When developing their much anticipated Downtown Gallery, OUE wanted to create a new destination in the Central Business District (CBD) for people to commune – targeting customers who care about Looking Well, Keeping Well, and Eating Well. The 4-level fitness themed retail podium along Singapore’s Shenton Way offers carefully curated brands and shops to cater to the busy CBD crowd. An F&B space fitting with this theme would be a key part of the development.

OUE Re:Store – The Brand

The space serves as an interchange. A space where cultural exchange takes place. Where people from the CBD and beyond pass through and leading Chefs provide comfort food and food for thought from beyond our own borders. The branding captures this movement, the flow, energy and activity of the multiple exchanges. Active, Moving forward, Getting it done.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the CBD, the self-serve store is where you go to refuel, refresh, replenish and Re:Store.

The use of a colon punctuation mark (:) as a form of hyphenation in the word “Re:Store” was used to allow the physical space and the brand identity to be utilized as a platform — Re:, when hosting talks, exhibitions and other events in the space – Re:Lax, Re:Connect, Re:Imagine.

Aesthetically, the brand identity visualizes itself through three bold colors — yellow, grey and white. Reminiscent of high visibility pavement markings and signage. The brand expresses its direct, inspirational and optimistic tone of voice through a modern, balanced and friendly geometric sans-serif typeface — much like its CBD customer. The Re:Store branding is expressed as supergraphics on the walls of the 2-floor space, expressing the energy of the brand visually and activating the space. Italicized to embody movement. Enlarged from edge to edge as it cannot be contained within the walls of the self-serve store.

OUE Re:Store – The Experience and Design

The Re:Store experience begins on the Downtown Gallery mobile app. Whether you are rushing between meetings, on the way to the gym, on the commute to work or even walking about the mall, you can open the Downtown Gallery mobile app and efficiently browse the spread of comfort food that has been specially curated by leading Chefs from across the region.  With a few simple clicks, your food is ordered, a collection time is set and payment is made.

Arriving at Re:Store, customers enter a refreshing and energetic 2-floor space. Wood ceiling planks and concrete screed flooring create a combination of warm and cool tones that connect the two levels seamlessly, with a feature curved ceiling that breaks the edges and corners of the interior environment. Textured anthracite panels throughout the space complement this, adding character and a unique identity to the space.

The upper floor features a wall of automated food vaults where the pre-ordered food is collected. Without the stress of long lines and crowds, at their selected collection time, customers arrive and unlock the vault using the mobile app to collect their food. The digital screens on the vault display their name and order number for easily identification. Fast, easy and delicious A casual bleacher seating space for both diners and mall visitors connects the wood floor and ceiling plane visually towards the end of the space, while full width and edge-to-edge LED screens above the vaults play video clips on each Chef’s background, the cities they represent and the process behind their cooking. A Wicked Addiction cashless vending machine and Re:Store bag display are also perfectly integrated within the space.

Connected by an internal staircase is the Re:Lax area at the lower floor, a social space featuring custom-made Pixel Module Seating in bold Re:Store colors that pop from the same warm and cool tones of the upper floor. The modules were designed to be stackable, creating an adaptable space for events, a quick casual lunch or gatherings. The space and visual communication create an environment for professionals in the area to pause, relax and  reenergize.

Bringing together the efficiency of technology and the value of social and human interaction, Re:Store has created a seamless and refreshing experience that provides the CBD lunch crowd and Downtown Gallery mall goers with a new unique and vibrant destination. A place where they can feel fulfilled, free, at home and engaged. To restore their mind, body and soul.