Polaris - Eight Inc.

Superior Engineering.

Polaris is an industry leader in the snowmobile and ATV world because of their superior products. They take great pride in the meticulous engineering of every product stamped with “Polaris”. But in a competitive world, their aftermarket (parts, accessories, and apparel) business was suffering. Retailers, inundated with cheaper competitor brands, were quick to endorse low-cost products to close the sale. We needed to elevate the Polaris brand and convince consumers buying “original” is a better value proposition than aftermarket products.

Polaris Branding, Brochure and Packaging

We conducted a brand evaluation of the Polaris parts, garment and accessories (PG&A) division and analyzed their existing Pure Polaris brand. We quickly identified it lacked brand equity. Rather than building loyalty, it actually added a level of complexity. Through research, we identified the story of Polaris superior engineering as a way to differentiate ourselves in the noisy market.

Our new name, strategy and design approach centered around “Polaris Engineered”. It signaled higher quality that only Polaris could provide and warranted a premium price. It became our mission to illustrate this story in all communication elements.