Shimano - Eight Inc.

Changing Gears.

In Europe bicycles have outsold cars, in Singapore and Southeast Asia, cycling was associated with a bygone era but is now also starting to gain momentum. In Singapore alone there is a plan to grow the cycling network from 230km to over 700km. When Shimano decided that they wanted to help people rediscover the joy of cycling, they turned to Eight Inc., together we created Shimano’s first Cycling World.

Shimano Cyling World

With the purpose to engage and inspire on bringing the sport to everyone, the space offers different perspectives on cycling.

A unique immersive experiential space that draws a wide range of people from passionate cyclists to those who have not cycled since their childhood. Shimano Cycling World welcomes the visitors with a wide range of cycling-inspired touchpoints, both digital and mechanical. From informative historical exhibits to showcasing exhilarating cyclists ‘point of view’ videos that visitors can control, interact and engage with. The space will serve as a hub for cycling enthusiasts and provide an enriching tour of the whole cycling experience.


Shimano Cycling World Photography by Aaron Pocock Photography
Videography by Sparkling Eye Production Pte Ltd, Singapore