Singtel - Eight Inc.

Leading the conversation.

If you’re aiming to become a thought leader in a crowded and fast-moving new marketplace, you’d better do something different. When designing its new Innovation Center, we helped Singtel Group Enterprise do exactly that.

By applying B2C thinking in a B2B environment, it’s blown visitor expectations out of the water, proving that people are people—whichever hat they’re wearing. The result for Singtel is a surge of valuable, lasting relationships with leaders at the highest levels of business and government.

Becoming a thought leader in a new market

“Where we used to measure visitor engagement in yawns-per-minute, we now count the jaws hitting the floor. ” – Olivier Carnohan, Intrapreneur Lead, Singtel Group Enterprise

It’s hard to stand out in front of executives who’ve seen it all before. So rather than just present, we felt Singtel could facilitate a dialogue.

We built the experience around three zones—simple, flexible, engaging, all designed to encourage a sense of discovery.

From The Bridge to the Learning Landscape to the Deep Dive zone, architecture combines with interiors and technology to meet visitors’ needs at every moment. Whether they’re settling in or probing on. Throughout, flexibility allows content to be tailored to the stage of conversation.

Singtel’s FutureNow Innovation Center has achieved outstanding results: 514% increase in account assists, 4.75/5 in customer satisfaction, average NPS of 9.53. But what did Singapore’s future Prime Minister think? Having scheduled 40 minutes, he stayed for 4 hours. Perhaps that says it all.


Photography by Nacasa and Partners