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Steinway & Sons.
Driving First-hand Experiences of the Steinway Sound.

For over 160 years, Steinway & Sons have been handcrafting the finest pianos in the world ensuring “uncompromising standards of quality”.

Although a legend never dies, for the past 40 years, they were quiet in telling their stories and their next steps were to bring the integrated approach back to Steinway and connecting with the community with that luxurious sound. An integral part was to bring new communication back to the brand and connecting music enthusiasts, music makers, and Steinway owners.

We created a new digital and intuitive space that keeps the artists at the heart of the brand while awakening the musical soul of others and creating motivation to hear the Steinway sound first-hand.

The new Steinway website evokes a musical journey though discovery and curiosity. With more than just information and resources, it’s an interactive experience. Like each piano from start to finish, the new website is a journey of storytelling that defines the Steinway brand and value. It features easy to view information from selecting the right piano, to options for schools on the right Steinway program and news to ignite cultural conversations. Viewers are able to view Steinway artist profiles and explore further through their own websites and social media platforms. The videos ignite storytelling and capture the Steinway experience through the artisans that are involved in each step of creating the instrument and the musicians that use it.

With retail and cultural centers worldwide, the new communication allows for a central place for everyone to connect. By engaging educational and expressive experiences, the new Steinway website brings conversation back into the community.