Storelli - Eight Inc.

Challenging the Athlete.

With a mission to create a one-of-a-kind fixture that would stand out in a multi-brand retail environment, Brooklyn-based soccer protection company Storelli turned to Eight Inc. We created a fixture that embodies their brand values while providing merchandising and education for this new product category that Storelli has coined as “next-gen soccer protection.”

Superhero’s Closet

The concept for the fixture was conceived as a “Superhero’s Closet,” designed to invite players to suit up, unleashing their potential on the field by allowing them to be fearless.

The core of this inspiration came from the product itself. In an industry of flash and color, Storelli stands out with their edgy, black gear that resembles armor.

The 6’-6” tall fixture with a half hexagon footprint, inspired by the soccer ball, allows for multi-sided display, to separate education elements from product display. A custom fiberglass “anti-mannequin” stands off the center wall as the hero of the fixture against a black-on-black graphic, boldly highlighting the brands capability to protect players from head-to-toe. The mannequin was uniquely engineered so that no part of the mannequin is visible beyond the extent of the clothing, focusing exclusively on the product and allowing customers to imagine themselves in the armor.


Photography by SGM Photography
Videography by Storelli