Weltmeister - Eight Inc.

Driving a change in mobility.

As cities restrict private vehicles, Shanghai digital startup Weltmeister has been bravely solving China’s urban dilemmas, proving necessity can be the mother of invention.

When Weltmeister wanted to tell its story in the physical world, we designed a museum-like showroom filled with immersive experiences that move the focus from possession to mobility.

The observatory-inspire design references the northern lights in the brand’s DNA, forming a visual language that scales across channels. In doing so, it celebrates the movement, connection and nature at the heart of Weltmeister.

Weltmeister Experience Center

The theme is apparent from the moment of arrival, as sliding mechanical shutters offer an enticing glimpse of the ‘observation deck’ within.

Inside, the space divides into focused storytelling domes. The bright lighting in these observatory-inspired areas contrasts to the near pitch black environment beyond. This helps visitors immerse themselves in the visual and audio narrative presented, and makes navigating the space intuitive.

We divided the domes into two sets: one set focuses on individual aspects of Weltmeister’s customer experience—from customization to simulation. The other focuses on the collective, allowing like-minded people to come together and learn how Weltmeister is rising to China’s urban mobility challenges.

As Weltmeister’s shown, nothing drives progress like a challenge.


Photography provided by T+8