Xiao Guan Tea - Eight Inc.

Xiao Guan Tea.
Elevating The Art of Tea.

Tea. One of the world’s oldest and most commonly consumed beverages in the world, yet one of the most segmented and opaque consumer categories. Xiao Guan Tea was founded with the mission of making sense of all of China’s teas and bringing only the best leaves to its customers in a luxurious aluminum container made for convenient use.

Xiao Guan Tea Retail Store

The design of the new Xiao Guan Tea retail space was inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s modernist approach to architecture. Full-height framed fixtures contrasted by unobstructed open spaces create a sense of clarity and simplicity. The rich bronze and brushed steel finishes accented with natural wood grains throughout the space create a distinct sense of modern luxury.

The experience begins with a captivating storefront that consists of full-height revolving glass doors that display Xiao Guan Tea teaware and tea capsules. As customers walk through the entrance they are able to enter the “Tea Vault” where they’ll find product displays, individual vault displays for each type of tea and a Tea Bar where they can sit down and sample a tea of their choice through the traditional Chinese way of drinking tea.

The highlight comes when it is time for the customer to choose the teas they would like to purchase. Customers are given the opportunity to experience the beauty and craftsmanship of the tea capsules as they decide which teas they would like. Once a decision is made, a Xiao Guan Tea host takes the tea capsules chosen by the customer and places them into a beautiful gift box. The entire process elevates the experience of purchasing tea and enables Xiao Guan Tea to establish intimate relationships with its customers.


Photography by 魏徐亮 Wei Xuliang