Xiaomi - Eight Inc.

Physical and Digital Become One.

“Every element of the flagship store from physical to digital create that meaningful connection to our customers and highlights the essence of our brand values and company cultural” -Lin Bin, Co-Founder/President, Xiaomi

It’s often assumed that online and offline retail channels must live separate lives. Yet the mobile-first culture of China made a groundbreaking new approach possible.

When smartphone and technology company Xiaomi asked us to help it move into the physical world, we designed a store that revolutionized the customer experience, while feeding valuable new intelligence back into the business. It now stands as a unique example of how to integrate the physical and digital into one smart, seamless journey.

Shenzen Flagship Store

With competition growing, e-commerce business Xiaomi needed a retail presence where it could build more meaningful relationships with customers.

We saw an opportunity to merge physical with digital like never before. A full-height interactive display lets customers learn about and purchase products – in-store or later – using their mobile devices. The insights from these digital interactions make Xiaomi smarter, by feeding into improved design processes and sales strategies.

With less real estate needed, Xiaomi increased the products available by a factor of 10, making the space more profitable. And staff liberated from payment processing now offer customers value in new ways that promise an incredibly bright future for the Xiaomi brand.