Xiaomi - Eight Inc.

Reaching New Retail Milestones.


“Every element of the flagship store from physical to digital create that meaningful connection to our customers and highlights the essence of our brand values and company cultural” -Lin Bin, Co-Founder/President, Xiaomi

With an ambitious retail expansion program ahead, we revolutionized the Xiaomi retail experience. Operating in China, the world’s most competitive smartphone market, Xiaomi aims to differentiate themselves through simplifying their current store design language, creating engaging customer journeys with a focus around product narratives, and elevate their customer recognition.

Shenzen Flagship Store

For the new Xiaomi stores, the key was to create a simple, yet flexible space that is able to adapt to new product typologies and product launches. White interiors and natural concrete finishes were used as a clean canvas to elevate the product as the hero, while giving a subtle nod to Chinese traditional Hutong architecture.

The center of the space is dedicated to featured product displays and narratives, with products progressing from hand held devices to home and lifestyle products, allowing the customer to imagine how the Xiaomi ecosystem would fit in their life. Full height display walls along the sides showcase video content of the newest products, and hold inventory functions, making it easy for customer to access the products they need. Customer flows were simplified by implementing easy purchasing options through mobile assist and self check out services. Through a combination of immersive in-store experiences and convenient online shopping, the new Xiaomi store is an innovative realization of online and offline retail that connects with China’s growing population of digitally native customers.