From dealership to new luxury lifestyle.

When Ford Motor Company decided to bring Lincoln to China, they asked Eight Inc. to help develop a new customer experience for the premium brand.

Ford originally asked us to propose a new dealership design, but we soon realized there was a much larger opportunity here. As a new brand entering the Chinese market, Lincoln had the chance to differentiate itself by creating a new way of experiencing, buying and owning a luxury vehicle. Our challenge was to define a new branded experience for China ahead of Lincoln USA’s rebranding efforts. To make Lincoln relevant again, but this time to a younger Chinese luxury consumer. Our advantage was that Lincoln’s brand awareness in China was relatively low, so there was a huge opportunity to create something new and distinctive, as well as influence the brand’s global transformation.

The Lincoln Concours (our version of a dealership) launched in October 2014, with 3 sites opening in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou. Within their first month of operation, these locations became the top performing dealerships worldwide.