Fitness as a way of life

A leading sports-tech startup, Keep provides a one-stop service towards fitness training, social network, nutrition guide and sporting goods that connect all sports scenarios for users to enjoy fitness anywhere anytime. With 140 million users, Keep nurtures an active online community of a new generation in China that embraces the idea of “self-discipline creates true freedom” via exercising. The app has become a hub for like-minded peers to connect and to express themselves on social media. Keep is more than a content provider but a cultural phenomenon that echos the rising awareness of life quality in China nowadays.


As Keep’s community grows and its users mature in their fitness training, Keep sees an opportunity in creating a physical location that provides more diverse content and interpersonal offline communication. We have collaborated with Keep in designing their flagship studio - Keepland Beijing Fun. Incorporating Keep’s content and community base, the flagship brings smart, efficient, and exciting fitness exercise, closing the loop of their fitness service from online to offline.


To create an innovative gym experience and to highlight the brand culture, every touchpoint translates Keep’s digital capabilities seamlessly into Keepland’s physical environment. All materials have been carefully sourced to ensure that it reflects the brand identity and provide a sensorial fitness experience. Wall panels, furniture, and fixtures have been modularized to support various activities and to easily adapt to different sized locations while maintaining consistent brand identity.  By providing our users with a fun fitness place that displays workout data and connects with their workout buddies, we are building a community of passionate individuals of shared life value.