Future Center

The Lenovo Future Center is Lenovo’s vision of the future. Intelligent enterprise solutions are a core part of Lenovo’s business. Lenovo provides integrated hardware and software solutions centered around number of verticals including Smart City, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Education, Smart Agriculture and Smart Office.

Eight Inc. worked with Lenovo to create an enterprise showroom that showcases Lenovo’s integrated smart solutions in compelling new ways.

Through immersive 360 degree experiences, guests are able to dive into the history, technology and use cases that Lenovo has to offer.

The entire showroom is separated by hanging architectural partitions that are able to display content in addition to creating a sense of space.

Dark zones highlighted by bright glass fixtures create a theatrical effect that engages emotions while allowing Lenovo products to shine.

The design of the Lenovo Future Center represents the future of showrooms. Eight Inc. designs for the future, powered by Lenovo.